Happy Fathers Day Images, Pictures and Greeting Cards 2015

Happy Fathers Day Images and Pictures 2015 : Father’s Day is around the corner and it is going to be celebrated on June 21st this year. The enthusiasm and fervor can be seen everywhere around as every shopping mall and mart has begun to showcase father’s stuff to attract children so they can make a purchase of the gifts for their father on Father’s Day. Blessed are those whose father is alive. There are human in this world that are doing and surviving without the indispensable creature called father. How miserable their live would be; nobody can ever imagine. So we should be thankful to God for our fathers are alive.

Today I am unfolding happy father’s day wishes and greetings with beautiful images greeting cards are one of the special gifts that can be presented to the loved ones just to say it all.

Happy Fathers Day Images and Cards 2015


Happy Fathers Day Greeting Cards 2015


Little girl & her father crossing a bridge.
Father Said: Please hold my hand
Girl: No dad.. You hold my hand.
Father: Whats the difference?
Girl: If I hold your hand & something happens to me.


Chances are that I may let your hand go,
But if you hold my hand,
I know for sure,
You will never let my hand go..!
Happy, Happy Happy Father’s Day!


No one has a father so sweet
Your kind ways just can’t be beat
Happy Happy Happy Father’s Day
I love you in a big big way!

Hope you like our beautiful collection of happy fathers day pictures, images and cards 2015. Send these beautiful cards to your lovely father on this fathers day 2015. Thank you


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