Merry Christmas Quotes Sayings 2015

Christmas is just a now a month away and it can already be seen by the preparations that have been started. Roads and store are filled with Christmas tree, decorations and plethora of other gifts. Christmas is all about sharing and exchanging love and joy in the name of Jesus Christ. So to make your season more wonderful this post has been written so that you can use these Christmas Quotes to share love and joy with your family and friends. Here are some of the best and top Christmas quotes for you to use it for this Christmas Eve 2015. Christmas can never be celebrated without sharing and exchanging Christmas cards. Here is a great collection of Christmas quotes that will help you to add a flavor of love and affection to your Christmas cards. You can utilize them and get it printed on some ready-made printable cards. Please add your personal message along with these quotes to make your cards more heart touching and affectionate. Also Check : Merry Christmas Images

“There’s nothing distressing in this world than to awake Xmas mornings and not be a child.”

“The best message of Christmas is this ………. You, I and we are never alone.”

“One should always remember if Christmas is not found in our heart, you would not be able to find it under a Mistletoe or Xmas tree.”

Also Check : Merry Christmas Images

“A sweet thing about Xmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together in the same direction.”

“Hope that the peace and joy be your gift at this Christmas Eve and your blessing all year coming year”

“Lovely thing about Christmas is that all roads to home during the Season.”
“Love is what is in the room along with you at Christmas Eve if you stop opening gifts and listen to it.”

“Christmas is the perfect time for you to exchange bundles of hugs and cuddles.”

“A Xmas candle is a beautiful thing,
It doesn’t make any noise
But softly gives itself away to illuminate our lives with lights”


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