Some of the most interesting things to watch out for in the GOT Season 6

Here are Some of the most interesting things to watch out for in the Game of thrones season 6. Also check : GOT Season 6 Ep1 Watch Online

Sansa and Theon’s fate

Sansa who is living a life of a prisoner in the Winterfell make plan to escape and while doing so he was stopped by Myranda, who over powers her. Reek came in between and Sansa try to convince him to believe in his capabilities and remember that he is Theon Greyjoy not Reek. Reek is motivated and he kills Myrand. Sansa and Theon then escaped by jumping from one of the Castle wall and it is believed that they survived the jump. It’s not sure where are they hiding may be they have taken shelter with some Stark ally or somewhere else. However, in the trailer, Theon looks to be surrounded by some soldiers, not sure which army but it is to be believed that the soldiers belong to Bolton army. Sansa can be seen running away from the soldier. Meantime, Brienne is also in the forest near Winterfell and is seen killing some soldier. There might be a possibility that Brienne notices Sansa and Theon and come for their rescue and takes them to a safe place. If this happens, she might take them to Castle Black, where she believes that Sansa will be more save. But she is unaware of the fact that Jon Snow has been left to die by his own Night’s watch brothers.

Ser Jorah and Daario searched for Daenerys

Daeenerys who was surrounded by the Sons of Harpy and when all hopes seems dead suddenly her dragon appears and people started running away. Dragon saved her and she sat on it and flew away. In the last episode she was seen taken as a prisoner by the Dothrak and one knows her whereabouts. Ser Jorah sets to find her and is accompanied by Daario Naharis. They found some traces which means they are following the right path as they also tracked down the place from where Daenerys was taken. Daenerys intentionally leaves her ring behind so that she can be traced. Fortunately Ser Jrah finds that ring. Daenerys sees the statue of a big horse which indicates that she is being taken to the house of Dothraki people. Now it will be exciting to see that what is going to happens next in Vaes Dothrak. How will they treat her and will Jorah and Daario reach on time to save her. Jorah and Daario both are capable of giving hard time to any army and deceiving them. They have the capabilities of retrieving her. They both were once close to Daenerys, Jorah also loves her but couldn’t tell her; on the other hand Daenerys got involved in sexual relationship with Daario, who also fell in love with her. They will surely put their life on stake in order to save her and will go to any extent.


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